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The TIF 8800 is one of the best combustible gas detectors around along with the TIF 8800A. They are used by industry professionals the world over.

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TIF8800 Combustible Gas Detector

The TIF 8800 combustible gas detection instrument is very sensitive, and is a quick and reliable way to check for gas leaks at any home or commercial properties. This detection unit not only allows you to detect a gas leak, but it will also lead you rigt to the source. With an audible ticking noise - that speeds up the closer you get - you will never have a problem finding the exact spot of the leak.

It comes with an adjustable sensitivity level, allowing for detection of very small traces of gas. Precision comes at the turn of a knob.

The feedback on the TIF8800 combustible gas detector often reads the same..."This detection unit found leaks that went undetected by plumbers". Even the professional claim that the unit pays for itself over and over again in their day to day business.Because the TIF 8800 responds to a very wide range of combustible gases, it is useful in tracking down sewer gas or septic gas odors as well.

Finally, because the TIF8800 detects such a wide range of combustible gases, it is also used in sourcing sewer gases. This allows you to find, and cure, odors from septic tanks, sewer lines, building drains and all manner of gases..